I’m Maria, a lifestyle family + newborn photographer based in South Florida. I've always had a strong passion for photography and I truly believe it’s a gift the Lord has given me. When I look through my lens, I am filled with joy. Because what I get to see is LIFE, I see LOVE, and I see you. I get to see your most precious moments, moments that are so fleeting, yet timeless. And the beauty is that I get to capture all of it. My hope is that the same JOY I feel transcends to you and your family before, during, and after your session. You may not know it, but today you have found more than a photographer you have found a friend who is excited to meet you.




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I am so grateful you are here.

I am Maria, a woman of faith, a wife, and a mama to a sweet baby boy in heaven. I am a light chaser and lover of sunrises and sunsets. A perfect day for me would be one where I am on the beach with my husband, watching the sun rise or set with my cafecito in one hand and my camera in the other. Worship music would definitely be playing as I am typing this I am ready to grab my beach bag and hit the road! LOL 

My passion for photography started at a very young age, but my WHY has changed throughout the years. I was born in Bolivia and raised in South Florida. It was through photography that our family shared our everyday moments with each other. We didn't have FACETIME or Whatsapp and I can honestly say while I love that we do now, I am happy we didn't then, because it taught me the value behind a photograph. The art and love behind an image is priceless.

Fast forward to today and I have a new reason for my WHY. I gave birth to my sweet baby boy,  LEO Alexander, this year. I was blessed to have two amazing months with my son before he went to heaven. Throughout this experience, my faith in God grew and I learned to trust His plans, I learned to LOVE harder, I learned to be fearless, I became stronger.

Through photography I documented my son's story from birth through his NICU journey until the last day we held him in our arms, every tiny moment that I will cherish for a lifetime has been written in a photograph. So when I tell you it's an honor to capture your everyday moments, your milestones, tell your story... I mean it with all my heart.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful
Proverbs 15:13 NIV

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“Hold on to the tiniest moments and cherish them with all your heart, they will become tomorrow’s most precious memories”.

I mean each one of those words with all my heart. My mission is to connect and build strong relationships with my clients. You become family and your moments become moments I hold close to my heart. 

Our lives are filled with so many beautiful moments but so many times in the blink of an eye we are on to the next holiday… and next year. Life, my experience, my story has taught me to honor every moment  because it can be so fleeting. When you look back at your photographs, your memories, I want you to feel and relive those moments...the UNSCRIPTED VERSION...the one that tells your STORY for generations to come. 



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Our collections are customized with you in mind. We want to guide you through the process and assure we meet your needs and desires.  The collections  are designed to provide you a relaxed and care free experience from the very beginning. Together we will go through styling,  picking a  location, ordering prints, creating an album or designing your gallery wall. I got you covered. 



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